Back New hybrids reflect evolving customer needs

Date: 24 April 2018

Pioneer® brand products invests a great deal in the research and development of new maize hybrids to ensure your maize crop has the best possible foundation, based in science and extensive trial work.

This year, we are proud to offer five new maize hybrids for silage to customers, for the 2018-19 season.

These new hybrids, grown extensively in our trial programme and monitored closely by our Research and Sales Teams, include two shorter maturity hybrids, two mid-maturity hybrids, and one long maturity hybrid.

They all have proven yield and agronomic performance over a number of seasons and as a result, will be commercially available for planting in spring 2018.

We encourage you to evaluate the overall performance of these hybrids in your growing region as you consider what hybrids to plant next season.

 P7124 (CRM 71) is an improved version of 39V43, ideal for high altitude and latitude environments where P7524 is considered too late in maturity. P7124 is taller than 39V43, with improved drought tolerance and yield. It is a bulky plant with broad, erect leaves and great standability, energy and digestibility characteristics.

P8500 (CRM 85) is a tall, impressive silage hybrid with standout silage yield. Replacing 39T45, it is an important mid-maturity option between P8000 and P8805 that is primarily recommended for Lower North Island and South Island growers.

P9127 (CRM 91) is an early AQUAmax option for all North Island regions where a hybrid of this maturity is required. It has higher silage yield potential than both P9241 and 38V12. P9127 is a very defensive, widely adapted prolific hybrid with superior leaf disease tolerances, producing silage with top energy and digestibility.

P0362 (CRM 103) has a very strong all-round agronomic and disease resistance profile. It has top end grain yield for maturity, producing very high energy silage with outstanding digestibility. P0362 is a great option where standability and leaf diseases are considerations, or where top silage quality is required. A great North Island companion to P9911 and P0021.

P1477W (CRM 114). Replacing 31G66 and P1758, P1477W is a white grain hybrid that is now recommended as an excellent option for the very late silage segment in the warmest growing regions of Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and East Coast. It offers top standability, disease resistances and silage yield.