Back Why use seed treatment?

Date: 16 June 2017

When Pioneer insecticide-treated maize seed can produce an average of 3.3 tonnes of drymatter per hectare more than a standard fungicide-treated equivalent, why wouldn’t you use it?

This figure emerged as part of research conducted at four locations during the 2015-16 growing season and highlights the benefits of using Pioneer’s Premium Seed Treatment range by representing a significant increase in income for growers.

Insect and bird damage contributes to yield losses each season, and although each paddock and growing environment is different, and may have a great degree of loss variability between seasons, failing to use an insecticide-treated seed is a risky move.

Pioneer Maize Product Manager Barry McCarter says there were losses of up to 75% plants per hectare in this research when insect pressure was extremely high.

“It’s hard to predict where pests such as Argentine Stem Weevil, Black Beetle, Greasy Cutworm and birds will strike,” McCarter says. “Treating seed with an insecticide, a bird repellent or both really reduces the risk of stand loss, resulting in poor yielding crops.”

McCarter recommends that every grower planting maize into a paddock which has been in pasture uses an insecticide seed treatment. Even growers who plant maize in the same paddocks each season should monitor established plant populations closely to see how many plants they are losing.

Choosing the right seed treatment is the most crucial step in reducing the risk of insect or bird damage to seedlings, thereby increasing crop yields and grower profitability. With that in mind, it’s important to note that not all seed treatments are created equal.

The Pioneer Premium seed treatment process uses a high-performance batch treater to apply the right insecticides and fungicides, along with proven seed polymers, to your seed.

Precision treating technology administers the precise required dose of seed treatment to each seed, giving consistent chemical loading on every seed.

Polymer coating locks the seed treatment onto the seed, reducing the risk of flaking and dust formation, which is safer for the planter operator, and increases planter performance.

Pioneer offers a range of seed treatment options offering protection against various insects and birds. By using Pioneer insecticide-treated maize seed, you’ll be giving your maize the best chance of developing into a healthy crop, right from the start.

For more information on the best seed treatment option for your crop talk to your local Pioneer representative, seed merchant or contractor.