Genetic Technologies Limited

Maize Silage Hybrids

P7179 P7179

CRM 71

Quickest option for the coolest growing regions.

P7364 P7364

CRM 73

The new standard for yield & earliness.

P7647 P7647

CRM 76

Delivers superior yields of top-quality silage.

P8086 P8086

CRM 80

Reliable early hybrid with excellent feed value.

P8240 P8240

CRM 82

Bulk and energy to fill the vat.

P8333 P8333

CRM 83

Highly productive mid-maturity option.

P8532 P8532

CRM 85

Balanced all-round plant destined to “tip the scales.”

P8666 P8666

CRM 86

Grows well, yields very well and feeds even better.

P8711 P8711

CRM 87

New level of performance for northern regions.

P9127 P9127

CRM 91

Bred to defend but yields to impress.

P92575 P92575

CRM 92

Solid, balanced hybrid, with top-of-the-line foliar health.

P9400 P9400

CRM 94

Stands tall – delivers big time.

P9650 P9650

CRM 96

Security with performance.

P9911 P9911

CRM 99

Top yielding, drought buster.

P9978 P9978

CRM 99

Very productive. Very stable. Very defensive.

P0362 P0362

CRM 103

Robust hybrid delivering yield and energy.

P0640 P0640

CRM 106

Leaf disease champion delivering silage yield stability.

P0891 P0891

CRM 107

Reliable veteran.

P0900 P0900

CRM 109

Hard to fault, stable, all-round hybrid.

P0937 P0937

CRM 109

Solid hybrid with great standability and foliar health.

P1315 P1315

CRM 110

Defensive from Northland to Hawke’s Bay.

P1636 P1636

CRM 112

Enjoy the agronomics of this top yielding hybrid.

P1477W P1477W

CRM 114

A balanced all round full maturity hybrid.

P1837 P1837

CRM 115

Defensive full-season giant.