Ideal for grazing, Super Sweet Sudan (SSS) has superfine stems and a prolific tillering habit. High quality small seed means you sow less kilograms on every hectare. Leaves are superfine and super sweet making SSS an excellent choice for silage or hay. Highly palatable at all stages of growth.


Achieving High SSS Yields

  1. Plant Super Sweet Sudan (SSS) in warm growing environments only. For good crop establishment, soil temperature at 5 cm depth needs to be at least 17°C and rising4.
  2. Soil test your paddock to determine fertiliser needs.
  3. Good weed control is important. Spray out the paddock prior to planting.
  4. Drill and roll seed into a fine, moist seedbed. Broadcast sowing is not recommended.
  5. The recommended planting depth is at 2.5 - 3.5 cm for SSS.
  6. Plant SSS at 15 - 25 kg/ha. Crops planted at higher rates will have thinner stems and a higher yield potential.
  7. Graze SSS behind a wire or cut at 35 - 45 days after planting when the crop is at least 1 m in height. For maximum regrowth leave a residual of 15 cm.
  8. Re-cut or graze after 4 - 5 weeks when the crop is at least 0.8 m and no more than 1.2 m in height.
  9. Monitor nitrate and prussic acid levels especially in crops that have been drought stressed or frosted.
  10. Always spray out crops prior to autumn frosts or regrassing.