how do the new hybrids stack up

Before you see a new hybrid from Pioneer, it goes through a rigorous trialling programme to make sure that it is ready for you to grow. For 2018, we are excited to have 5 new hybrids available for silage. When compared to the Pioneer hybrids which they are replacing, or that are the closest CRM comparison, from the current Pioneer lineup, the new hybrids have on average 1435 kgDM advantage and $940 more milk/ha. Below are the like for like comparisons so you can see how the new hybrids perform in your region.  

New Pioneer HybridComparison Pioneer Hybrid



Number of trials

Harvest Drymatter

Advantage (%)

Yield Advantage


Yield SignificanceMilk profit per hectare
P7124 39V43

Taranaki, Lower North Island

& South Island

25 -1.98 1220 * $799
P8500 P8805

Taranaki, Lower North Island

& South Island

34 0.98 1387 ** $908
P9127 38V12

Waikato, Taranaki, Lower North Island

& South Island

27 -1.46 1491 ** $977
P0362 P0021

Waikato, Taranaki & Lower North Island

25 -1.98 1113 ** $729
P1477W P1758

Northland, Waikato &

Bay of Plenty

13 -1.75 2473 ** $1620


Total number of trials:



Average yield advantage

to NEW Pioneer hybrids:



Overall average advantage to new hybrids:


+Milk profit per hectare calculated on a milksolids response rate of 100 gMS/kgDM and a milk payout of $6.55/kgMS.