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Ready to reduce your reliance on PKE?

Palm Kernel Extract (PKE) has been a valuable part of many farmers’ feed toolboxes and a good compliment to maize silage as a readily available, easy to use, supplementary feed. However, there are a number of market signals which indicate PKE use will decline. Several leading milk processors have introduced incentives for suppliers who do not feed PKE and a recent independent dairy farmer survey1 showed 28% of respondents who currently feed PKE were planning to feed less this coming season.

The question many progressive farmers are asking is “How do we reduce our reliance on PKE whilst maintaining production and profit?”

Every day, our Farm Systems Specialists are working with dairy and other livestock farmers to maximise their productivity in profitable and sustainable ways. By applying their expertise and knowledge, they can help you develop the right approach for your situation and objectives.

If you’re interested in a no-obligation meeting with one of the team, feel free to get in touch.

1Versus, 2021.

Post PKE with Matt and Ian on Rural Exchange

Pioneer Farm Systems Specialists Wade Bell & Ian Williams caught up with Hamish Mckay on the Rural Exchange to talk about Post PKE. The question Wade and Ian try to answer is “How do we reduce our reliance on PKE whilst maintaining production and profit?"

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