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Hybrid P0891 P0891

P0891 Maize Grain Hybrid

A veteran hybrid which produces a “sea of gold”.

Very good drought tolerance, standability and staygreen combined with strong resistance to Northern Leaf Blight, Common Rust and Eyespot.

  • Best suited to moderate to high yielding paddocks.
  • Produces grain with excellent appearance, very high test weight and with food grade end-use quality.
  • Well adapted to high plant populations which should be adjusted to match growing conditions and yield expectations.
  • Other hybrids to consider include P0640, P0900 and P0937 which is better adapted to planting in cool challenging situations.

Delivers yield stability for grain and silage from Kaitaia to Napier.

Recommended established plant
populations (000's/ha)

Challenging yield environments


Medium yield environments


High yield environments


Recommended growing regions

Hybrid Region Map

CRM 107

Drought Tolerance 7

Stalk Strength 8

Root Strength 6

Early Growth 6

Plant Height 7

Ear Height 4

Staygreen 7

Husk Cover 6

Grain Drydown 6


Seed tag colour

Maize for grain hybrid performance information

Feature hybrid Comparison hybrid Number of trials Harvest moisture difference (%)1 Yield advantage (kgDM/ha)2 Statistical significance3
Northland & South Auckland
P0891 P0021 44 1.5 232 NS
P0891 P1253 57 -0.3 4 NS
P0891 P0362 34 0 718 star
Bay of Plenty
P0891 P0021 41 1.2 798 starstarstar
P0891 P0547 83 0.8 261 CA
P0891 Plenitude 8 1.1 1270 star
Gisborne & Hawke's Bay
P0891 P0021 76 1.7 337 star

Scientific Designation

star 1 star 2 star 3 = very highly significant yield advantage to Pioneer

star 1 star 2 = highly significant yield advantage to Pioneer

star 1 = significant yield advantage to Pioneer

NS = not significant

CA = commercially acceptable

1 Positive HM differences means the bolded hybrid was drier at harvest, negative HM differences mean it was wetter.

2 A positive yield advantage means the bolded hybrid produced more yield, a negative yield advantage means it produced less.

3 For information on statistical significance click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hybrid comparisons are only valid within a range of + or - 4 CRM. These descriptions mainly feature product strengths. When choosing hybrids, also review carefully the trait ratings found in the table here. Contact your local Pioneer Area Manager or merchant representative for further advice.

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