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P1837 Maize Silage Hybrid

Defensive full-season giant.

  • Very tall, with superior standability, excellent resistance to Northern Leaf Blight and Rust.
  • Also has an excellent drought tolerance and staygreen which support season long "silage eye appeal".
  • Has a similar maturity and silage yield potential to P1636 and P1477W.
  • Plant to established 80,000 to 100,000 plants per hectare depending on paddock yield potential.

Widely adapted, stable, full-season hybrid. Plant early in high potential paddocks in warm northern production areas.

Comparison with P1636 or P1477W.

Recommended established plant
populations (000's/ha)

Challenging yield environments


Medium yield environments


High yield environments


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Recommended growing regions

Hybrid Region Map

CRM 115

Drought Tolerance 8

Stalk Strength 6

Root Strength 6

Early Growth 6

Plant Height 9

Staygreen 9


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